We work and care continuously to secure that all our customers over the world get their cargoes delivered efficiencly, safely and on-time, every-time.
Our vision for the future is to create a success story and set the standard for service to our customers, while investing in our employees, top quality solutions and technology.
We build trust ship with our clients, and ensure confidence in our performance. We believe our reliability is the most important factor to our success.


We are experienced in handling in the all segments of the product tankers for carriage of the following commodities and alike cargoes: bulk petrochemicals, speciality chemicals, industrial chemicals and clean petroleum products and also sensitive cargo such as vegetable oils.


We covers all various of chartering including spot fixtures, contracts of affreightments and period fixtures. We provide both domestic and international chartering services. Dry cargo chartering includes grains, coal & minerals, steel and scrap on a worldwide basis.


We provide full commercial and operational ship management to a globally traded fleet from coasters to panamaxes on Dry & Tanker Cargo Chartering. The coverage area of managament is worldwide, through a proven network of brokers, managers and agents.


Simply being aware of facts, not sufficient. The ability to transform them to targeted result is essential. Our commercial advisers and brokers estimate possible risks and they consult clients before entering into contracts.

As team of professionals we able to operate worldwide in any port and any time. Our long-term agreements with local contragents and great experience provide a full range of integrated shipping and logistics services. Our applicable firm solutions allow to select an appropriately offers to meet any customers needs. In additional in case of need we can provide services including: intermodal logistics, documentation and customer coordination.


Many base ports in Europe is primary distribution centres for cargo shipments. By seamlessly connecting with key trading hubs in the Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Americas, we offer transportation ang logistics progects to and from all key European ports.


Our company provides specialised transportation, maritime and logistics services tailored to the needs of our customers in the Americas region with cargoes from and to the U.S. Gulf, The Caribbean, Central and South America. We have an extensive portfolio to provide long-term solutions for supply chain needs.


Based on our experience we can provide most cost effective, flexible, and tailor made shipping solutions to and from Mediterranean and Black Sea ports within the Americas, Africa, Asia as well as to Northern Europe. Our industry experts can provide offers fast transit times and highly applicable vessels.


Phenix SVZ is implimented to providing trustworthy services to and from Asia and Oceania for our clients. It one of our key activity regions with many present options at any given time. We have intention to get a strong reputation throughout Asia, Australia and the South Pacific.


As momentous area the Arabian, Persian Gulf and India are located along one of the strongest commercial routes West-East both ways. We are capable to assist organize logistics for trading large quantities of cargo from and to this valuable region for our partners.


The shipping requirements and transportation capacities grow exponentially expansion by of rising trade between Africa and the world. We are committed to giviing reliable service for stable delivery cargoes from wordwide ports to West, East and South Africa.

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